Welcome to The Rainbow Wing

The Pokemon TCG. A game for some, a hobby for others. For many, a significant part of childhood years long since forgotten. For us, a highlight of our lives past, present, and future.

Okay, so enough of a the dramatic intro. Hello, our names are Aaron Minjoot and Malik Hisyam, and we are the founders of The Rainbow Wing. We’d like to wish you a very warm welcome to this humble page and we hope you do find it pleasing and enjoyable to be a frequent visitor here.

The Rainbow Wing started out as an idea that took aim at the Pokemon TCG in Malaysia in a myriad of different angles: from content creation, photo albums, and vlogs, to newbie discussion, strategy articles, and local talk-of-the-town spotlights, the vision of this website was to grow the game we love through various different channels, and reach out to players new and old in a way that has never been done before here in our little nation. What began as random talk from two players who had been in ‘hibernation’ (somewhat) for sometime became a full-fledged idea at the turn of the new year, and here we are now.

What can you expect from us? Apart from coverage and content, we’d try to be as present as we can be both online and offline; you’ll see us at local and even international events, and consistently provide you the latest information from our website, Facebook, and other channels with just the right amount of Malaysian flavour.

This is us, the team at The Rainbow Wing, signing off, and thanking you for dropping by. We’ll catch you again soon.

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