League Challenge Results & Analysis – Feb & Mar 2017

With the conclusion of the 4th and final League Challenge held within the Klang Valley, here is a compilation of all results. The first League Challenge saw the first time Sun & Moon cards being tournament legal, with a good number of players starting to experiment with new card combos.

League Challenge – 18 February 2017 – Toysbar

40 Masters
1st – Ryan Kai (Mega Mewtwo Y/Garbodor)
2nd- Navin Raaj (Mega Rayquaza/Magearna)
3rd – Chua Lip Yee (Volcanion)
4th – Rinesh John (Mega Mewtwo Y/Garbador)
5th – Jacob Qian (Passimian/Mew)
6th – Syahmi Razak (Turbo Darkrai/Yveltal)
7th – Darren Khong (Mega Gardevoir)
8th – Jason Yong (Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX)

League Challenge – 26 February 2017 – Cards & Hobbies (Concurrent with Anaheim Regionals)

42 Masters
1st – Yee Wei Chun (Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX)
2nd – Nicolas Yong (Vespiquen/Espeon GX)
3rd – Rinesh John (Mega Mewtwo Y/Espeon GX)
4th – Izmir Armani (Mega Rayquaza/Jolteon EX)
5th – Ren Yi Ngo (Mega Gardevoir)
6th – Syahmi Razak (Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX)
7th – Ryan Kai (Mega Mewtwo Y/Garbodor)
8th – Hafizuddin Mohamad (Vespiquen/Zoroark)

League Challenge – 04 March 2017 – Toysbar (Concurrent with Sheffield Regionals)

52 Masters
1st – Joshua Lee (Decidueye GX/Vileplume/Tauros GX)
2nd – Athavan Akilan (Mega Mewtwo Y/Garbodor)
3rd – Saber Ang (Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX)
4th – Keith Yong (Primarina GX/Glaceon EX)
5th – Jaymon Lum (Decidueye GX/Shiinotic/Tauros GX)
6th – Timothy Thia (Mega Mewtwo Y/Garbodor)
7th – Wayne Chun (Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX)
8th – Aaron Kang (Jolteon EX/Alolan Muk/Tauros GX)

League Challenge – 05 March 2017 – Cards & Hobbies (Concurrent with Sheffield Regionals)

35 Masters
1st – Rinesh John (Mega Mewtwo Y/Espeon GX)
2nd – Aaron Minjoot (Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX)
3rd – Jaymon Lum (Decidueye GX/Shiinotic)
4th – Lawrence Choong (Vespiquen/Eeveelutions/Zoroark)
5th – Derek Wan (Gyarados)
6th – Ji Yun Chan (Volcanion)
7th – Andrew Cha (Volcanion)
8th – Aaron Kang (Jolteon EX/Regice)

Deck Placement Analysis

Mega Mewtwo Y – 7 placements
Yveltal/Garbodor/Tauros GX – 6 placements
Volcanion – 3 placements
Vespiquen – 3 placements
Decidueye GX – 3 placements
Mega Rayquaza – 2 placements
Mega Gardevoir – 2 placements
Jolteon EX Toolbox – 2 placements
Passimian – 1 placement
Turbo Darkrai – 1 placements
Primarina GX  Toolbox – 1 placement
Gyarados – 1 placement

As shown in the compilation above, it is clear that Mega Mewtwo Y is a strong favourite choice for these recent League Challenges with 7 Top8 finishes including 2 wins, having seemingly been improved with the release of Espeon GX.

Yveltal-based decks are in a close 2nd place with 6 Top8 finishes including taking 1 win. A notable addition to Yveltal/Garbodor since the release of Sun & Moon would be Tauros GX, giving the deck an additional option as an attacker.

A sudden rise in Decidueye GX decks in the 3rd League Challenge may have prompted players to play Volcanion in the 4th League Challenge, which saw 2 Volcanion decks place in the Top8.

Mega Rayquaza and Mega Gardevoir are still mainstays in this format with the addition of Sun & Moon cards. Notably, some creative players have piloted interesting decks such as Passimian & Primarina GX Toolbox with some success.


The results definitely show some shifting in the local meta-game as players expect and hope to counter certain popular decks. The first League Challenge saw Mega Mewtwo Y having great success, occupying 2 of the Top4 positions. By the second League Challenge, players started to play counters to Mega Mewtwo Y such as Espeon GX and Mega Gardevoir. Week three saw a sudden surge in Decidueye GX decks, which may have prompted Volcanion to make a return in the final League Challenge.

With that, this is how the Malaysian meta-game looks like since the release of Sun & Moon all the way up to the Oceania International Championships. Congratulations to all players that did well and good luck to all that will be attending the Internationals in Melbourne !

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