The Expert Belt, The Great Wall Before Guardians Rising, 19 April 2017

What’s up Poke readers and welcome to another edition of The Expert Belt, however it’s gonna be a short one this time. With Sun & Moon in full effect, the meta-game is now quite clear. With that in mind, comes the decks to help counter those meta-decks. And that’s where the revival of this week’s featured card comes in, plaguing the leagues with different variants, but same old core “wall”. Yep, this week’s featured card is non-other than the pesky, annoying Wobbuffet from the Phantom Forces and Generations expansion.

Basic Information

Wobbuffet is a Basic 110 HP Psychic Pokemon. It is has a Weakness to Psychic and a Retreat Cost of 2.

Wobbuffet has only one attack, for [P][C] you can use Human Psychic Assault which deals 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on your opponent’s Active Pokemon. Quite good, but that’s not the main point of this card.

The main point of Wobbuffet is because it has an Ability called The Great Wall of Wobbuffet Bide Barricade, where if this Pokemon is in the Active, it shuts down all Abilities in play,  each player’s hand and discard pile, except for other Psychic Pokemon. Basically a weakened Garbodor.

When you didn’t start with Wobbuffet and your opponent is starting with a Rowlet and Oddish.

The strength here is that Wobbuffet is a Basic Pokemon, and if you start with Wobbuffet first in the Active, you opponent basically starts off with no Abilities.


Basically, Wobbuffet variants are everywhere now, especially in Malaysia’s meta-game. Mostly due to the increase of Volcanion EX and DeciPlume decks.

Popular variants of Wobbuffet are Eeveelutions/Wobbuffet and M-Mewtwo EX/Wobbuffet so far. Although in most cases, Wobbuffet is only used to disrupt your opponent with its Ability Lock, and rarely gets to attack. Like said above, Wobbuffet’s Ability Lock is a weakened one, as Psychic Pokemon are unaffected, hence Hoopa EX still can be used. The likes of Shaymin EX, Volcanion EX, Manaphy EX, Eevee (Energy Evolution) and so on are still locked.

Wobbuffet/Eeveelutions is a decent anti-meta deck, locking out Volcanion EX and Deciplume early, while you set up your Espeon GX/Umbreon GX along with the Ancient Origins Stage 1 typing Eeveelutions.

As for M-Mewtwo EX/Wobbuffet is more straightforward, slowing down your opponent while you set up your big bad M-Mewtwo EX Y. Same concept with Garbodor, but since Deciplume can either Item Lock Turn 1 or use Beedrill EX to discard Garbodor’s Tool, Wobbuffet is more faster and consistent in terms of Ability Locking.

Unaffected By Wobbuffet’s Ability.

Of course, not to be forgotten, Wobbuffet’s best friend and partner in deck, Primal Groudon EX. All you do is put Wobbuffet in front to stall your opponent while you setup your big bad Primal Groudon EX at the back. Since Primal Groudon EX can’t be affected by any Trainer card (Supporters included), it will definitely stay on your Bench. Only when its fully charged and able to Gaia Volcano is when it will get to the Active position. Slow and steady wins the race kinda way.

However, with Sun & Moon’s second set, Guardians Rising coming in slightly over 2 weeks, Wobbuffet will most likely see less play, due to the new shift of meta-game. But before that happens, Wobbuffet is here to stay at least, to aid in fighting the blaze and cancer decks here in Malaysia.


With the final big tournament in Malaysia upon us, which is the 2017 Malaysia Regional Championships, maybe Wobbuffet can cause a stir in the meta-game? Since this Regional is only legal up to Sun & Moon Expansion (SM1).


*Do note there will no Player’s Perspective this week.

Before closing out, we did have the last League Challenge for Sun Moon (SM1) in Malaysia.

16 April 2017, League Challenge @ Cards and Hobbies.

1) Keng Fai : Mega Rayquaza EX
2) Izmir Armani : Mega Mewtwo EX / Garbodor
3) Isaac : Turbo Dark
4) Wayne Chun : Water Box
5) Vignesh Krishnan: Volcanion EX
6) Ji Yun : Volcanion EX
7) Nicholas : Zygarde EX/ Tauros GX
8) William : Talon Frog

Last weekend’s League Challenge was plagued with both Volcanion EX and Eeveelution/Wobbuffet. Although none of the Wobbuffet deck made it to Top 8, it did caused some waves during the 6 rounds of League Challenge.

People will forever hate me!


Wobbuffet has been around for some time now, with the importance of Abilities now in most meta-game decks, Wobbuffet becomes the current best anti-meta deck out there for now. That is until next set’s release.

Here’s to those Wobbuffet players 😛

And that’s it for this week’s edition of The Expert Belt! From the next edition onwards, we will try to cover Sun & Moon, Guardians Rising set! So stay tune and thanks for reading!

If you missed out on the last edition of The Expert Belt, click here!

Thanks for reading and here’s a new Full Art N for you kthxbye. #RipMoney

*All graphics belong to their original owners and no copyright infringement intended.

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