The Expert Belt, BERSERK!, 24 May 2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Expert Belt. With Guardians Rising in full effect, everyone is playing the new Garbodor from SM2. Now, that Garbodor is not the featured card this time around, but the card that pairs with it is.

Here in Malaysia, trainers are trying out Espeon GX/Garbodor, Tauros GX/Garbodor and Slyveon GX/Garbodor as well. However, in Japan, winning Garbodor lists consist of mainly one specific attacker besides the popular Tauros GX. This week’s featured card is none other than Grandpa Drampa GX from SM2: Guardians Rising!

Image result for drampa gx

General Information

Drampa GX is a Colorless Type, 180 HP Basic Pokemon. It has a Weakness to Fighting and a Retreat Cost of 2.

It has 3 attacks, the first which requires [C] and its called Righteous Edge, which deals 20 damage and discard a Special Energy attached to the Active Pokemon.

The second attack requires [C][C][C] is called ” BERSERK ” and it deals 80 damage + 70 more damage (150!!) if there is any damage counters on your Benched Pokemon.

And lastly, its GX attack requires [C] and its called Big Wheel GX, which you shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 10 (TEN) cards!


Now, lets get some few facts straight, Drampa GX is a Colorless Type attacker in which all 3 of its attack costs are Colorless, which means Drampa GX can be splashed in every deck. Needless to say whether he fits in your specific deck or not depends on your deck’s playstyle.

Drampa GX’s first attack is called Righteous Edge. Sounds familiar?

Yep, same as the popular Cobalion EX from Plasma Storm.

With Special Energy being popular in the format once more (since Plasma Decks and Fairy Box back in the day), Drampa GX can be a decent “nuisance” for decks playing Special Energy.

Popular Special Energy today are mainly Double Colorless Energy, Double Dragon Energy and Splash Energy (with Greninja making a return in the format).

Image result for double colorless energy guardians rising Image result for double dragon energy Image result for splash energy

However, do take note that Righteous Edge cannot discard these very “Special Energy” cards below.

Image result for secret rare basic energy card Image result for secret rare basic metal energy card Image result for secret rare basic psychic energy card

Image result for secret rare basic grass energy card Image result for secret rare lightning grass energy card

If you didn’t get it, it’s alright. 

Back onto Drampa GX, its main damage dealing attack is its second attack called BERSERK! It deals 80 base damage but if there is any damage on your Benched Pokemon, it deals a whopping 150 damage for 3 Energy with no drawback.

Image result for choice band Image result for choice band tcg  Image result for choice band tcg

But that’s not all, don’t forget the ever powerful Choice Band which adds 30 more damage! So basically, you are dealing 180 damage to EX/GX for 3 Energy with no drawback. You are OHKO-ing most basic GX and EX! Bonkers.

Related image

Winning Garbodor lists in Japan that are successful are in fact Drampa GX with Garbodor. Why? Because you can minimum T2 180 damage to any EX or GX. They play a stadium called Team Magma’s Secret Base to combo with Drampa GX’s Berserk, in which when you play down a basic Pokemon with the Stadium, put 2 damage counters on it. This confirms your Drampa GX to hit for its maximum damage of 150 during your next turn.

Some even play a Max Elixir build with it to help keep the momentum and stream of Drampa GX going, pilling on a lot of pressure onto the opponent. IF your elixir hits, then all you have to do is attach a Double Colorless Energy to start Berserk-ing again.

Image result for max elixir

Finally, Big Wheel GX is quite the underrated GX attack. You get a fresh hand of TEN CARDS. This mostly will force your opponent to “N” you but at least you are getting a fresh hand from N. However, if your opponent couldn’t N away your fresh 10 card hand, you would be way ahead in the resource game.

Now, below is the list for one of the successful Drampa GX/Garbodor in Japan. Do note Japan’s format is slightly different compared to our Standard format. Japan is currently playing from XY to SM2+. Meanwhile we are playing from Primal Clash to Guardians Rising.

Image result for garbodor card  Image result for drampa gx

Drampa GX/Garbodor

x4 Drampa GX (GUR)
x3 Trubbish (Acid Spray)
x2 Garbodor (GUR)
x1 Garbodor (Garbotoxin)
x2 Tapu Lele GX (GUR)
x1 Oricorio (GUR) – Supernatural Dance
x1 Hoopa (AOR) – Hyperspace Punch

x4 Professor Sycamore
x2 N
x2 Lysandre
x1 Professor Kukui
x1 Hala
x1 Brigette
x1 Delinquent

x4 Ultra Ball
x4 VS Seeker
x3 Choice Band
x3 Max Elixir
x1 Fighting Fury Belt
x2 Float Stone
x1 Startling Megaphone
x1 Super Rod

x2 Team Magma’s Secret Base
x2 Altar of the Moone

x8 Psychic Energy
x4 Double Colorless Energy

The normal Hoopa and Oricorio are mainly in the deck due to Night March being played widely in Japan. Able to snipe off the low HP basic Pokemon is key to help in being victorious.

Image result for hoopa tcg  Image result for oricorio tcg

The preferred adjusted list for our Standard format is including the third Garbodor (GUR). Removing the Hoopa and Oricorio for the third Garbodor and fourth Trubbish. Field Blower for Startling Megaphone as well.

Perhaps people can try removing the fourth Drampa GX for a Shaymin EX for more consistency in the deck.

Image result for brigette tcg    Image result for brigette tcg


Early Tapu Lele GX for Brigette can help set up your field of Trubbish and Drampa GX too. Of course the ideal play is having the Team Magma Secret Base down before playing down Tapu Lele GX, thus putting damage on Tapu Lele GX, allowing Drampa GX to go rampant the next turn. 



Drampa GX is a versatile GX attacker that could prove powerful in certain decks. Its attacks are all Colorless, allowing it to be a high-potential card in the future. Although for now, Drampa GX is stuck with Garbodor, who knows, perhaps Drampa GX will have a new partner in crime to help aid it in Berserk-ing through the meta-game.

Still so expensive 😦

And that’s it for this week’s edition of The Expert Belt! Thanks everyone for reading, and till next time, Darren signing off.

*All graphics belong to their original owners and no copyright infringement intended.

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