Event Recap: Indonesia Regionals & Singapore Special Event

Editors’ note: Hi folks, this is Aaron of The Rainbow Wing. I apologise for such a late posting of the Indonesia Regionals part of this article; unfortunately some personal matters got in the way and as such, it delayed the final touches for the full readiness of our write-up. I do hope you enjoy the read, though, as we’ve combined all data from both Indonesia and Singapore into one jumbo article – and thank you for your support as we continue to grow The Rainbow Wing!

Indonesia Regional Championship 2017

27th – 28th May

Here we are; our recap of last (last) weekend’s Indonesian Regional Championship 2017! This would be the highlight event of the new PRC-GRI format calendar, and with the format being so fresh there is bound to be a few surprises in the meta, right? Well…

The Results


1st – Tito Santoso (Indonesia) – Solgaleo GX/Rayquaza
2nd – Adrian Velasco (Philippines) – Garbodor/Espeon GX
3rd – Hendy Chrisyanto (Indonesia) – Greninja
4th – Lim Jit Min (Singapore) – Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX
5th – Ho Wei Joey (Singapore) – Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX
6th – Clifton Goh (Singapore) – Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX/Vileplume
7th – Chun Yee Wei (Malaysia) – Garbodor/Drampa GX
8th – Yogie Surya (Indonesia) – Garbodor/Drampa GX

With the popularity of Garbodor GRI it is of no surprise to see it in Top 8; the meta was basically flooded with Garbodor variants with some Decidueye GX amongst them. While we would have assumed a clear domination of Garb – just as how it had swept Seattle that same weekend – the Singaporean trio of Jit Min, Joey, and Clifton seemed to have metagamed appropriately by bringing decks able to rely on Vulpix GRI as a setup mechanic – somewhat nullifying the effectiveness of Garb’s Trashalanche. The winner of the weekend was none other than Indonesia’s powerhouse Tito Santoso, who took the event down with the sleeper of Sun & Moon Base Set: Solgaleo GX. Surprised? I know I was.

Scroll to the end of this article for a quick look at Tito’s deck, as well as the other decklists we have collected from the events! More will be added as we receive them!

Singapore Special Event 2017

3rd – 4th June

With Garbodor dominating the previous weekend all around the world, the young PRC-GRI format had reared an ugly, stale, and monotonous head – but veterans were quick to attribute that to the sheer hype and subsequent justification of said hype of Trashalanche, and that the meta would and should evolve in response. In SEA, Garb’ was nowhere near as dominating – as shown by the results of Indo Regionals; yet how then would players react in Singapore?

The Results


1st – Dendy Santoso (Indonesia) – Garbodor/Espeon GX
2nd – Tito Santoso (Indonesia) – Solgaleo GX/Rayquaza
3rd – Jason Yong (Malaysia) – Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt
4th – Lim Jit Min (Singapore) – Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX
5th – Matthew Koo (Hong Kong) – Lurantis GX/Flareon
6th – Lawrence Choong (Malaysia) – Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt
7th – Clifton Goh (Singapore) – Darkrai EX/Dragonair
8th – Yogie Surya (Indonesia) – Garbodor/Drampa GX

Diversity! While we still saw a return of some of the previous week’s decks, we are now introduced to a couple more meta archetypes. The Malaysian duo that made Top 8 sported the new Tapu Bulu GX, which had become legal for tournament play just a day before the weekend. Indo Regs’ big winner Tito stuck to his guns with Solgaleo GX, which took him to another finals. Both Lurantis GX – the definition of hype from SM1 – and Darkrai EX – last last format’s big boy – clinched their maiden showing in the format in SEA. But the big question following up from the previous week would be: what happened to Garb’? The on-ground insight we received was crystal clear: everyone knew what Garbodor was capable of, and thus either playing around it or picking a deck not concerned about it were the thought process of the weekend. Tapu Bulu GX was expected to make a splash, while other decks/cards that caught some attention on Day 1 included Lycanroc GX variants, Sylveon GXGreninja, Waterbox variants, and even a hint of Zygarde EX.

The eventual finals was an all-Indonesian affair, with Dendy Santoso edging out Tito to clinch the Special Event title; which does mean that Garbodor had won the tournament, but all eyes were (are) on the rest of the field for being one of the most diverse metas we’ve had in awhile.


Closing Thoughts

While the metagame is barely a couple of weeks old, we’ve already seen a shift from the initial hype train of Garbodor to a new frontier of diverse decks in a space of one weekend. There is still the Thailand Special event coming up this weekend, as well as a full range of Australia Premier Events starting off this same week. We hope to cover as many of these as we can, and bring you closer to the metagame across South East Asia and the Asia-Pac region.

Aaron, signing off.



Indonesia Regionals

Tito Santoso (Indonesia) – Regionals-winning Solgaleo GX/Rayquaza

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 14.08.46.jpeg

The list itself is straightforward and tidy; both Solgaleo (GX and non-GX) work in tandem taking appropriate knock-outs, while Rayquaza GRI accelerates Energy as well as recover them after a Sunsteel Strike. With Choice Band assisting to hit magic numbers and a solo Drampa GX as a backup attacker, if there had to be an issue with the deck it would probably be the innate unreliability of a Stage 2 deck


Adrian Velasco (Philippines)

Indo Regs-Adrian.jpeg

Adrian opted to run Garb with a dash of Eeveelutions. The Ancient Origins trio gives Stage 1s like Garbodor and Espeon GX the necessary typing to cover even more of the format. The single Oricorio here seem to indicate the expectation of a possible occurrence of Vespiquen decks, which actually has a decent matchup versus Trashalanche Garbodor.


Hendy Chrisyanto (Indonesia)

Indo Regs-Hendy.jpeg

Greninja is back from the ashes! An outcast since the launch of Sun & Moon Base Set, it seems the frog has returned and did in fact notch up a few good finishes in the opening weeks of this new format. The addition of Choice Band and Field Blower gives the deck new life, dealing with its two biggest problems: damage output and Ability-lock (old Garb). Even more ironic is the fact that it actually has a decent matchup against the new popular Garbodor variants, being able to trade effectively as a non-EX/GX attacker with minimal Energy investment.


Joey Ho (Singapore)

Indo Regs-Joey.jpeg

Clifton Goh (Singapore)

Indo Regs-Clifton.jpeg

Both Clifton and Joey opted for a revamped Decidueye – one which incorporated Vulpix, the new consistency card of the format. Amid all the hype of Garbodor and its known positive match up versus the majority of the field, last format’s BDIF (if I may say so) came back refreshed and rumbling. The fact that Decidueye has been seeing play both with and without Vileplume, both in the last format and the new one, suggests that players are still tinkering with their lists to quite some levels of success.


Chun Yee Wei (Malaysia)

Indo Regs-Yee Wei.jpeg

Yogie Surya (Indonesia)

Indo Regs-Yogie.jpeg

Oh, look! The undisputed king of the first round of PRC-GRI events. The deck does not require much explanation: tempo with Drampa GX, your opponent plays Item, Trashalanche gets more power, and you start hitting hard for a single Psychic Energy. What is interesting would be the Supporter line-up in both these decklists: Wonder Tag allows for some teching and we see Yee Wei opting for a Professor Kukui while Yogie went with a Brigette –  a trade-off for damage versus further consistency. Beyond that slight variation, both lists seem to mirror each other almost to the dot.



Singapore Special Event

-coming soon!-


Special credits to Sandy Lee Domingo and Jason Yong Kah Meng for the information of the events covered in this article. Special thanks to Athavan Akilan for the PTCGO snapshots used to portray the decklists shown in this piece.

Meta snapshot graphics created by Malik Hisyam Zaihan. All rights reserved.

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