Event Recap: Malaysian League Challenge Weekend #2 & Crimson Invasion Preview

Hello readers! Welcome back to another Event Recap. Yes, once again we’re a bit behind schedule but let me promise you that we should be getting everything back on track real soon! Let’s dive into our second set of League Challenges for the BKT-BUS format.

League Challenge Weekend #2 2017/2018

7th – 8th October

Once again we are have back-to-back League Challenges at both Toysbar and Cards & Hobbies in one weekend (ain’t that just epic?).


Toysbar (7/10/2017)

Total Attendance – 36
Masters – 36
Seniors – 9
Juniors – 1

1st – Wayne Chun – Golisopod GX/Garbodor
2nd – Jaymon Lum – Golisopod GX/Garbodor
3rd – Chan Ji Yun – Salazzle GX
4th – Thean Wei Jian – Lapras GX
5th – Malik Zaihan – Greninja BREAK
6th – Bryan Chan – Alolan Ninetales GX
7th – Derek Wan – Drampa GX/Garbodor
8th – Andrew Cha – Volcanion

Wayne Chun grabbed his second LC win in three outings with Golisopod GX/Garbodor, a deck heavily popular during this format. The rest of the field screamed of diversity, with the Top 8 showcasing SEVEN different decks, but in the end it was Golisopod that took the two highest placements. Notable MIA deck? Gardevoir GX… *gasps*

Cards & Hobbies (8/10/2017)

Total Attendance – 43
Masters – 43
Seniors – 7
Juniors – 0

1st – Aaron Minjoot – Espeon GX/Garbodor
2nd – Aaron Lim – Golisopod GX/Garbodor
3rd – Saber Ang – Golisopod GX/Garbodor
4th – Farhan Aziz – Gardevoir GX
5th – Nasseruddean Fadhil – Gardevoir GX
6th – Isaac Chen – Volcanion
7th – Syahmi Razak – Golisopod GX/Zoroark
8th – Lee Keng Fai – Gardevoir GX

TRW’s very own Aaron Minjoot clinched the win at the last LC of the format with Espeon GX/Garbodor, a deck that has taken a backseat for quite some time since the launch of Burning Shadows, but has at least proven here to still be a contender in a diverse format. Golisopod GX remains an integral part of the Malaysian metagame, hand-in-hand with Gardevoir GX’s overall popularity – which also took three spots in Top 8 after disappearing the previous day.



Toysbar League Challenge #1 – Winner

Wayne Chun’s Golisopod GX/Garbodor

Pokemon – 17
3 Wimpod
3 Golisopod GX
4 Trubbish
2 Garbodor BKT
2 Garbodor GRI
1 Tapu Koko
2 Tapu Lele GX

Trainers – 33
4 Professor Sycamore
4 N
4 Guzma
2 Acerola
1 Brigette

4 Ultra Ball
4 Choice Band
4 Float Stone
2 Field Blower
2 Rescue Stretcher
1 Enhanced Hammer
1 Heavy Ball

Energy – 12
2 Grass
4 Rainbow
4 Double Colorless

C&H League Challenge #1 – Winner

Aaron Minjoot’s Espeon GX/Garbodor

Pokemon – 19
3 Eevee
3 Espeon GX
3 Trubbish BKT
1 Trubbish GRI
2 Garbodor BKT
2 Garbodor GRI
1 Espeon EX
1 Tapu Koko
3 Tapu Lele GX

Trainers – 29
4 Professor Sycamore
4 N
3 Guzma
1 Brigette

4 Ultra Ball
4 Choice Band
4 Float Stone
2 Field Blower
1 Super Rod
1 Rescue Stretcher

1 Parallel City

Energy – 12
8 Psychic
4 Double Colorless



A Preview Crimson Invasion

What You Should Be Taking Notice of at Pre-Release


The talk of the town right now is our latest set: Crimson Invasions, which corresponds to Japan’s SM4 and SM3+ sets. Of course, the highlight of the expansion is the new term Ultra Beast, which refers to a number of Pokémon-GX newly introduced to the TCG.

While we usually wouldn’t dive into cards of a yet unreleased set, we could think about what YOU should be looking for at this weekend’s Pre-Releases…

PRE-RELEASE? Yes! You can pre-register for any of the listed pre-release events at the link here – hurry, though, as slots are limited.

So let us again ask the question: what should you be looking out for at a Crimson Invasion Pre-Release?

Let’s start with the Pre-Release promos.


Of the four, my pick is (quite easily) Registeel. 30 for a Metal Energy and charging your Bench is reminiscent of Yveltal from XY – except it grabs any Basic Energy of your choice. A solid card for Standard, especially for its Metal typing. If you managed to pull one out of your packs, or even luckier to get one from the pre-release kit, hang on to it! Or perhaps make a good profit out of a very sought after card.smp_en_sm75

Unfortunately, the other three promos don’t seem to have much going for them – Regirock is good for ONE reason, though! Let me get to it in a bit!

The other cards (officially) revealed so far are the GXs –  Buzzwole, Guzzlord, Gyarados, and Alolan Exeggutor.

sm4_en_57The hype is undeniably with Buzzwole GX, a 190HP Fighting Ultra Beast that has a one Energy attack that simply wrecks low-HP Pokemon. Jet Punch deals a solid 30 damage to the Active Pokemon and another 30 to one on the Bench. Veteran players will be reminded of good ol’ Landorus EX from Boundaries Crossed, a card popular from the day it hit the Standard format way back in 2012. It wrecked another famed deck of the era, Eelektrik, and I would be surprised if Buzzwole failed to shake up the meta as Landy did – by preying on poor little evolving Basic Pokemon.

sm4_en_63If you have been checking on the Pre-Release events from around the world (Facebook is your friend), you’d come across the dreaded Guzzlord GX deck – a 40-card deck of a Guzzlord GX and 39 Darkness Energy. This is primarily due to Guzzlord being able to fuel itself from Turn 1 itself, and then wrecking almost everything from then on. If THIS sounds familiar, perhaps you remember a time when a certain Rayquaza EX from Dragons Exalted did the exact same thing – but hey, enough flashbacks for one article.

So, does it sound like a horrible Pre-Release just because of a somewhat broken GX? Worry not, as there IS a counter!smp_en_sm74

Remember Regirock? The strategy is simple: You let Guzzlord swing for a few turns, while you charge up a Regirock on the Bench – out of harm’s way – and once you have three energies on it, swing with Tough Swing (!!) and you win the game! Disaster averted!


We haven’t really spoiled that many cards here today, but that is so you as a player can enjoy the surprise factor as you crack open those packs. If you are keen to seek out cards for your decks from the get-go, the list below is pretty much what we believe to be the key ‘good’ stuff out of Crimson Invasion:

Kartana GX – Free Prize card yo!

Buzzwole GX – There is a Promo one coming out soon if you are fine with waiting

Registeel – The Promo one would definitely be sought after by many!

Counter Catcher – The return of Lysandre but as an Item that you can only use when behind in prizes

Counter Energy – Double Rainbow for non-GX/EX when you are losing on prizes

Indicative prices are already online for those who would want a gauge of how much your pulls are worth – Trollandtoad.com and TCGPlayer are common sites to use. As always with every new set, it is key to be patient to wait until prices start to decrease in the weeks after launch, unless of course you have an event to play at immediately!


Closing Thoughts

We’ve finally come to the end of the first post-Worlds format, and with the new set on the horizon things are sure to change. Will the flavor of the meta change immediately? only time will tell, as we wait for the next batch of events to come by. The London International Championships are up next on the 17th of November, and we would like to wish all fellow Malaysians who are making the trip to Europe the very best of luck at the first Internationals of the 2017/2018 season.

I will personally be judging and assisting at this weekend’s Pre-Releases so do come by and play, or just to say hi.

Aaron, signing off.


Special thanks to both Chun Yee Wei for sharing his decklist with TRW and Athavan Akilan for compiling the LC results. Please reach us at rainbowwingtcg@gmail.com if you would like to reference any decklist on our site.

Card scans sourced from pkmncards.com and/or pokemon.com

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