Ultra Prism Prerelease Weekend #1 – Review

Hi everyone! The first weekend of the Sun & Moon Ultra Prism Prerelease is now over, and we hope you had a superb time! Even under such short notice, we managed to fill close to 80% of all available slots! We are also happy to note that even with the limit of only one Pre-Registration per player, we accepted walk-ins for each session without having to turn a single player away! So thank you, once again, for your support and participation.

If you are still keen to crack open some more packs, stay tuned to our Facebook page once we open the pre-registration of the 3 sessions this coming weekend.

Just yesterday, at the conclusion of the 4th session of the weekend, we posted a feedback form on our Facebook requesting for any thoughts and takeaways from the weekend, and received a good number of responses. We are also thankful to have received numerous other feedback messages on other channels, from both newcomers and existing players of the game. With that, we’d like to clarify a few details on the Prerelease events as a whole.


Communicating Changes

There have been a few comments that were received which we would like to clarify in this post.

The organization of the weekend’s Prerelease sessions were confirmed around 12 hours before the first one was to begin – this was because the stocks of the Prerelease cases were delayed until Friday morning, but after consulting the shops and suppliers we agreed that running the first 4 sessions on the weekend of 20th and 21st of January would be suitable as it was in line with international Prereleases worldwide. This was also to ensure that players have a chance to play more events next weekend at the other venues.

Regarding the contents of Prerelease Cases (and an updated Prize Structure, see below), we were only made aware that there was a difference in the number of booster packs available as Prize Support per player halfway through the first session on Friday night, and we organized the Prize Payout accordingly at all sessions during the weekend after consulting both shop owners at Cards & Hobbies and Toysbar. After further clarification, we received confirmation on Monday morning (22nd January) from Maxsoft that the new configuration was a decision by TPCI (The Pokémon Company International) themselves.

First and foremost, we want to express our sincerest apologies, to all players and the community as a whole, for the lack of details and information regarding this sudden change of Prize structure. We understand that this misalignment from us as organizers to the community can, will, and may have caused not just confusion but also the feeling of being misled and deceived amongst faithful members of the community. Unfortunately for us, we were caught unawares ourselves, and while we carried on with the full 4 sessions we were only able to confirm with full certainty on Monday morning the exact circumstance of the Prize Support structure.

We will strive to prevent such an issue from repeating itself, and are already working with the necessary parties to ensure a smooth flow of information for any future events. As a fairly new organization we are constantly looking at ways to enhance how we serve the community and will only improve with time.


Clarifying the Newly Introduced Product Configuration of a Prerelease

Prior to Ultra Prism (SM5), shops were supplied with Prerelease cartons/cases that came with:

  • 8 Prerelease Kits (PR Kits)
  • 1 Booster Box as Prize Support
  • 1 Basic Energy Box
  • 1 Staff Promo (inside the Basic Energy Box)
Two Crimson Invasion Prerelease Cases

For Ultra Prism, the Prerelease cases now contain:

  • 10 PR Kits
  • 1 Booster Box as Prize Support
  • 1 Basic Energy Box (with a new sleeve design)
Ultra Prism PR Case
One Ultra Prism Prerelease Case with accompanying Booster Box & Energy Box

The net difference of the cases between these to configurations are:

  1. +2 more Kits per case
  2. New case design
  3. New Basic Energy box design
  4. No Staff Promos within the case (no further information about this is known except that Maxsoft is supposed to receive them separately, but none have arrived)


How do the changes impact Prize Support?

The change in the product configuration has meant the Prize Structure for Prereleases this time has differed from previous sets.

Before Ultra Prism
1 Case ≡ 8 Kits = 1 Booster Box ≡ 36 Booster Packs
Pack-to-kit Ratio = 36 ÷ 8 = 4.5 packs

Highest possible Minimum-Guaranteed Prize Packs = 4
Prize Packs for Top Players = 0.5 (distributed accordingly depending on attendance)


For Ultra Prism
1 Case ≡ 10 Kits = 1 Booster Box ≡ 36 Booster Packs
Pack-to-kit Ratio = 36 ÷ 10 = 3.6 packs

Highest possible Minimum-Guaranteed Prize Packs = 3
Prize Packs for Top Players = 0.6 (distributed accordingly depending on attendance)

As shown in the spreadsheet above, the payout structure implemented on all 4 sessions this past weekend reflected the new Prize Support payout.

The payout structure is at the discretion of the shop that runs the Prerelease events; the structures above were proposed to the shop owners and agreed upon after ensuring players were able to receive a maximum number of minimum booster packs using what was the provided Prize Support.

We would also like to clarify that we have not, and did not receive any Judge Support during the weekend, and will not receive any throughout the Ultra Prism Prerelease schedule. If there are any Judge Support in the future, such occurrences will be made public at the event venue itself in recognition of the judges’ effort and time in ensuring the smooth and efficient organization of an event.


Closing Thoughts

Once again, we at Team Rainbow Wing would like to apologize for any inconveniences and misunderstandings caused  by the inadequate details of the Prerelease Prize Structure. In addition, if there were any personal wrongdoings that we may have made across the weekend, I personally offer my apologies on behalf of our team, and that we hope any issues can be rectified as soon as possible. If you have any further queries, feedback, or unresolved issues regarding the Prerelease events of the past weekend, please do not hesitate to contact us, either personally or officially via our Facebook platform or our anonymous survey form.

We would also like to thank those who offered to volunteer to staff the initial Prerelease sessions, and regret that we had to decline your offers due to us being overstaffed for the four sessions this past weekend. We are finalizing the last details of our Professor Apprenticeship Program, to be launched just in time for Weekend #2, where members of the community are welcomed to staff official Play! Pokémon events such as Prereleases and League Challenges with Professors – a Regional TO-approved program that will have a pilot run this coming weekend. More details will be made available soon over the next few days on our Facebook page, so do stay tuned!

EDIT: The Professor Apprenticeship Program is close to launch! However, we are getting the final approval and alignment with our Regional Tournament Organizer and Professor before we are able to run the pilot. Continue to follow us for more updates as they happen!


The Team

Our purpose in Malaysian Pokémon TCG is to dedicate ourselves in growing the community, by supporting events and running initiatives that bring all fans of the game together. We are a non-profit organization, consisting of volunteers from various backgrounds, coming together as a team to provide assistance in the community wherever necessary, including but not limited to official Play! Pokémon events, weekly Pokémon leagues, Prereleases, strategy articles, streams and videos, and newbie-friendly support. If you have any suggestions for us, or ideas on where we can contribute to make our community a better one, please feel free to share them with any of us! We are always keen to hear from you.


Thanks for reading and we’ll catch you in the next one!


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