Event Report: Philippines Special Event 2017/18

The season for Special Events and Regional Championships in SEA has finally arrived – kicking off with a Special Event in Manila, Philippines on March 17 & 18, 2018. More than 80 Masters, Seniors and Juniors players (some of whom travelled from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia), made their way to Courtside Robinsons Galleria.

These are the final Masters results for the Philippines SPE 2017/18:


Four nationalities made up the Top 8 players of the tournament, with Klive Aw from Singapore eventually winning the Philippines SPE with Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX. One of the more interesting decks over the weekend was 7th Place Dusk Mane Necrozma GX/Zoroark GX, used by Joey Ho – an interesting combination of Zoroark GX, Magnezone (Ultra Prism) and Solgaleo Prism Star to consistently accelerate Dusk Mane Necrozma GX.

Other noteworthy decks in Manila include Fire variants (Volcanion EX, Ho-Oh GX/Kiawe), Sylveon GX and a Gardevoir GX/Miltank deck, all of which closed into the top tables but did not make the Top 8 cut.

These are the results for the Seniors and Juniors divisions:

Senior Division

  1.  Zi Xing Chiew [MY]
  2. Raidon Lising [PH]
  3. Ethan Lee [MY]
  4. Christian Sky Mendoza [PH]
  5. Aki Gulmatico [PH]
  6. Christopher Ethan Co [PH]
  7. Christian Fernandez [PH]

Junior Division

  1. Alvin Lim [SG]
  2. Jayce Wong [PH]
  3. Lance Ethan Monakil [PH]
  4. Zi Ler Chiew [MY]
  5. Rovin Lising [PH]

A League Cup also took place on March 18. (The number of players listed doesn’t include the players who dropped before the tournament concluded)


Senior Division

  1. Ethan Lee [MY]
  2. Aki Gulmatico [PH]
  3. Samuel Layug [PH]
  4. Zi Xing Chiew [MY]

Junior Division

  1. Zi Ler Chiew [MY]

Big thanks to Adrian Foo, Sandy Lee Domingo and Adrian Acuzar for helping us compile the deck lists above.

With more Regionals, SPEs and League Cups coming soon to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore in the coming months, there is more than enough opportunities for players in this region to earn the CP they need for a World’s invite. Don’t give up!

We’ll be sure to post the event dates on our Facebook page once they are confirmed, so do leave us a Like and get updated as soon as they go live.

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