Team Rainbow Wing’s Professor Apprenticeship Program

Hello fellow Trainers!

There’s definitely been a huge amount of updates this week, and we have another one for you today: we are officially launching the Professor Apprenticeship Program today!

Pokémon Professor?


You can find out the who, whats, and hows in this handy link here.

What is this program about?

Pokémon TCG is an inclusive community filled with fans of the game from all walks of life. Players and collectors alike may often wish to give back to the community by contributing their time and effort, in helping run events, being able to assist with rulings, or simply just volunteering themselves as staff for numerous TCG-related activities.

Official Professors are the entry standard for people wanting to make a contribution and be recognized for their work and dedication. We at Team Rainbow Wing, in partnership with Maxsoft and Adrian Foo, Malaysia’s official TCG distributor and Regional Head Judge respectively, will be conducting this stepping-stone program for aspiring Professors, which includes proper guidance, training, and experience en route to becoming a full-fledged Pokémon Professor.


Professor Apprenticeship Program

Program Contents

Module 1: Staffing (Organizer Certification)

As an Apprentice, you will gain experience staffing TCG-related events. Participating current Professors will guide you on the internal workings of running an event, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the differences between event types, and how it impacts the tournament structure
  • Using the Tournament Operations Manager (TOM) software for an event
  • Prize structure configurations
  • Running weekly leagues

Module 2: Judging (TCG Judge Certification)

A key role in any event team is the judge. There is a separate qualification within the official Pokémon TCG Professor Program which specifically looks into the requirements for being a TCG Judge, and our program will further build on this:

  • Basic to advance knowledge of Rulings, Erratas
  • Using the Compendium to facilitate specific scenarios
  • Understanding penalty guidelines, and how to issue them
  • Judging etiquette and ethics

Module 3: Community Leader

By far the most important quality for a potential Professor is the desire to be one of our community’s custodians. Players and collectors frequently seek advice on many topics, and it is the role of a community leader which is most vital and needed for a growing community such as ours.

Who should apply for this program?

Well, anyone! But specifically, if you:

  1. Have a desire to become an Pokémon TCG Professor
  2. Intend to support Premier Events as a judge, staff, or organizer.
  3. Wish to assist newcomers in our community through engagement and advice

A breakdown of each module will be further explored with all successful applicants.


Interested? Submit your applications at the link here and we will get back to you!

Till next time.

Team Rainbow Wing

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