Event Report: Malaysia League Challenge April 2018

Another month, another great round of League Challenges wrapped up over the weekend. Unlike the Buzzwole-GX dominance that is happening throughout the Pokémon TCG global scene, there weren’t many players who played it this time around. We believe most players probably anticipated Buzzwole-GX variants to be played the most and brought decks that can hold their own against it.

These are the results:


Date : 7th April 2018
Attendance : 21 Masters
Format : Breakthrough – Ultra Prism

1. Mus Tucker – Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX
2. Alif Asyraf – Zoroark GX/Solgaleo GX
3. Shane Chee – Zoroark GX/Gardevoir GX
4. Aaron Lim – Zoroark (Breakthrough)/Weavile/Hoopa


Date : 8th April 2018
Attendance : 45 Masters
Format : Breakthrough – Ultra Prism

1. Keith Yong – Zoroark GX/Gardevoir GX
2. Lee Keng Fai – Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX
3. Chan Ji Yun – Ho-oh GX/Kiawe
4. Melvyn Lee – Buzzwole GX [20 Energy]
5. Lukman Hakim – Zoroark GX/Weavile
6. Farhan Aziz – Zoroark GX/Garbodor
7. Lim Seng Hui – Zoroark GX/Lucario GX/Rampardos
8. Aaron Kang – Zoroark GX/Metagross GX/Solgaleo GX

While it’s clear most of the decks were fuelled by the amazing draw power of Zoroark GX, it was great to see some interesting variations to Malaysia’s metagame – this includes the Rampardo in Lim Seng Hui’s Zoroark GX/Lucario GX deck, and Melvyn’s 20 Fighting Energy Buzzwole GX/Lycanrox GX.

The latter’s deck used Scorched Earth as the main draw engine, being able to use the Stadium consistently every turn because of the sheer number of Energy in the deck – which also works wonders for Max Elixir. The addition of Puzzle of Time meant Melyvn was able to quickly charge his Pokémon, at one game he managed to play 5 Max Elixir in a single turn.

Next on the competitive Pokémon TCG calendar is the first Regionals in SEA – the Pokémon TCG Regionals Indonesia 2017/18 is happening 21 & 22 April 2018. Hope to see you there!

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