Despairing the Meta? – The Expert Belt, 25 June 2018

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Expert Belt! This time around, The Expert Belt will take a look at a card that might make a splash into the current meta-game. And no, it’s not a new card, it’s actually been more of a sleeper card for the format.

This edition of The Expert Belt’s featured card is none other than the ol’ Mega Gardevoir EX from Steam Siege!


General Information

Mega Gardevoir EX is a 210 HP Fair[Y] and [P]sychic Dual Type Mega Pokemon. It evolves from Gardevoir EX and it has one attack:

[F][C] Despair Ray : 110+ Damage. Discard as many of your Benched Pokemon as you like. This attack does 10 more damage for each Benched Pokemon you discarded in this way.

It has a [M]etal Weakness, -20 Resistance to [D]ark and a Retreat Cost of 2.

Both the Normal Art (79/114) and Full Art (112/114) of M-Gardevoir EX is illustrated by 5ban Graphics.


Advantages and Disadvantages

M-Gardevoir EX ‘s advantages are quite straightforward, its dual-type of Fairy and Psychic. With the meta-game full of either Buzzwole variants and Malamar variants, M-Gardevoir EX hits most, if not all of them for Weakness. Buzzwole GX and Necrozma GX are weak to Psychic while Ultra Necrozma GX is weak to Fairy. Plus with the upcoming Worlds 2018 set’s mascot of Rayquaza GX, M-Gardevoir EX might even take down that mighty dragon as it is weak to Fairy. It even has a Resistance to Dark which makes M-Gardevoir EX hard to be Knocked Out by Zoroark GX as well.

Despair Ray is a great attack dealing a minimum 110 damage, with an option to discard your Benched Pokemon. Have a Tapu Lele GX that can give your opponent his final 2 Prize Cards? Well, just use Despair Ray and discard that Tapu Lele GX. Afraid of your opponent having Guzma in hand to win next turn? Well, discard ALL your Benched Pokemon so your opponent is unable to play Guzma. Although that is an all-in play.

Now for the disadvantages of M-Gardevoir EX, first of all, it is a MEGA Pokemon. It needs a Spirit Link tool to avoid ending your turn after you evolve. This adds inconsistency to the deck.

Next, 210 HP, after all your hard work of getting your M-Gardevoir EX ready, it gets OHKO-ed easily with today’s “Magic Number”. 210 HP is easily reached by Buzzwole GX and both Ultra and Psychic Necrozma GX.

Lastly is the awkward energy requirement. Although it only needs 2 energy to attack, Mega Pokémon lost its acceleration card of Mega Turbo. So when in need, you are unable to charge M-Gardevoir EX in one turn efficiently. The only way of acceleration for M-Gardevoir EX is Max Elixir at the moment, and that can only be used when its still Gardevoir EX of course.




Zoroark GX
Need help with consistency? Well just pair M-Gardevoir EX with Zoroark GX for some consistency mid-game, allowing you to utilize Unit Energy FDY. Plus M-Gardevoir EX cover’s Zoroark GX’s nemesis, Buzzwole GX.



Lycanroc GX (From GRI)
Your opponent’s Buzzwole GX or Ultra Necrozma GX are hiding at their Bench? Utilize Lycanroc GX’s Bloodthirsty Eyes Ability to drag them out for your M-Gardevoir EX to have some fun.



Gardevoir GX
Add more Gardevoirs to your deck! Gardevoir GX helps cover the energy acceleration problem of M-Gardevoir EX via its Secret Spring Ability. However, with multiple setups needed, do expect some brick moments here and there.



Hoopa EX (Ancient Origins)
Although Ancient Origins has been rotated last year, Hoopa EX is still in Standard Format due to its tin promo still being legal. Able to search both Gardevoir EX and M-Gardevoir EX, this was the primary card in searching out EX Pokémon. Although it is a big target + its horrendous Weakness, you can utilize M-Gardevoir EX’s Despair Ray to discard Hoopa EX from your Bench later on in the game (that is if Hoopa EX is not Knocked Out yet).



Garbodor (Garbotoxin)
Having a low setup against the speed decks of your opponents? Slow them down as well with Garbodor’s Garbotoxin ability! Then just go ham with M-Gardevoir EX!



Able to fix M-Gardevoir’s energy acceleration problem via Psychic Recharge. Plus it can utilize all the stuff a typical Malamar variant would have as well!



Magearna (Ultra Prism)
Utilise Magearna’s Change Clothes Ability to help preserve your tool cards especially Gardevoir Spirit Link as you might need more than 1 M-Gardevoir EX to win your games. Plus, the potential is endless with Float Stone and Choice Band still in format.



Mysterious Treasure
With M-Gardevoir EX being both Fairy and Psychic type, it can be searched out with Mysterious Treasure, which helps with deck consistency. Do note you still can’t search out your Gardevoir EX with Mysterious Treasure since it is only a Fairy type!



Max Elixir
Due to Mega Turbo already have been rotated out, Max Elixir is the only form of acceleration of Energy via item card for M-Gardevoir EX.



Gardevoir Spirit Link
Do I need to say more about this card?



Unit Energy FDY
This unit energy will allow more deck builds for M-Gardevoir EX. With M-Gardevoir EX using Fairy Energy, Zoroark GX able to utilize the Dark Energy and Lycanroc GX able to use the Fighting Energy. Make sense right?






Metal Type Attacking Pokemon
With a fragile 210 HP, M-Gardevoir EX will not survive long in the battlefield. Cut that lifespan shorter if you’re facing your weakness. Although to be frank, Dusk Mane Necrozma GX is an overkill either way.



Golisopod GX
M-Gardevoir GX cannot OHKO this pest, and if you do hit into them, they do play Acerola, and then continuously evolve another Wimpod into a Golisopod GX again and again. Its a pain to play against these guys.



Dawn Wings Necrozma GX
This fella right here is not weak to Psychic types and is currently one of the top cards in our current format. As if having a great ability is not enough, it’s signature Moon’s Eclipse GX with a Choice Band can OHKO your M-Gardevoir EX, and it’s immune to attacks and damage, all this if they are behind in Prize Cards of course. Perhaps pairing M-Gardevoir EX with Zoroark GX can help take down these flying beasts from winning the match!



Lycanroc GX (Guardians Rising)
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Lycanroc GX is also a popular partner for Buzzwole GX and Zoroark GX. Same old problem, your M-Gardevoir EX will not OHKO Lycanroc GX, and they can potentially OHKO you via Dangerous Rogue GX if you’re not careful. You do have access to Despair Ray, so you can discard your Bench Pokemon to lower the damage of Dangerous Rogue GX. However, setting up a Lycanroc GX is far easier than M-Gardevoir EX. Plus, don’t forget its Ability!


Possible “In Deck” Inclusions



M-Gardevoir EX/Gardevoir GX/Gallade



M-Gardevoir EX/Zoroark GX



M-Gardevoir EX/Lycanroc GX/Octillery (With Max Elixirs)



M-Gardevoir EX/Malamar


Final Thoughts

Although M-Gardevoir EX will only be legal until Worlds 2018, I think it might be a surprise entry into the meta-game. However in Malaysia’s meta-game, it’s more of a spread of different decks lately, although there is some favour towards both Buzzwole GX and Malamar variants.

M-Gardevoir EX is more favoured to OHKO than to 2HKO due to its high maintenance to setup. But anything can happen in the world of Pokemon TCG. Maybe, just maybe, M-Gardevoir EX might make a final hurrah at Worlds 2018 as the upcoming set of Celestial Storm with Rayquaza GX is the next hype deck to beat.

And that is all folks! Thank you for reading this edition of The Expert Belt! With that, Darren signing off!

*All graphics belong to their original owners and no copyright infringement is intended.



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