Event Report: Malaysia League Challenge July 2018

This month’s League Challenges marked the beginning of the 2018/2019 season for the Pokémon TCG!

With Worlds (and a new format) just around the corner, July’s League Challenge events were the last official local tournaments to use the Breakthrough – Forbidden Light format. These are the results:


Date : 21st July 2018
Attendance : 32 Masters
Format : Breakthrough – Forbidden Light

1. Shane Chee – Zoroark GX/Lucario GX
2. Keith Yong – Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX
3. Syahmi Razak – Buzzwole/Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX
4. Lee Keng Fai – Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX
5. Jacob Qian – Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX
6. Rinesh John – Ultra Necrozma GX/Garbodor
7. Colin Tang – Buzzwole/Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX
8. Sin Tuck Wai – Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX


Date : 22nd July 2018
Attendance : 39 Masters
Format : Breakthrough – Forbidden Light

1. Keith Yong – Lycanroc GX/Malamar
2. Lee Keng Fai – Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX
3. Colin Tang – Buzzwole GX/Lucario GX
4. Lim Seng Hui – Gardevoir GX/Talonflame
5. Darren Chien – Lycanroc GX/Zoroark GX/Hoopa
6. Kent Ng – Zoroark GX/Lucario GX
7. King Yang – Greninja BREAK
8. Bryan Chan – Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX

With Zoroark GX dominating the recent North America International Championships and the Valencia Special Event, it was no surprise that the card was key for Toysbar’s League Challenge players. On the flip side, Cards and Hobbies’ League Challenge players opted for Fighting Pokémon options like Lycanroc GX, Buzzwole GX and Lucario GX to possibly counter Zoroark GX.

Old favourites like Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX and Gardevoir GX/Talonflame made a comeback, but some interesting deck choices made Top 8.

Team Rainbow Wing’s own Expert Belt Darren Chien added interesting tech options to Lycanroc GX/Zoroark GX – a Hoopa (Shining Legends) along with Unit Energy FDY. Not only does Hoopa give him an option to block EX and GX attacks, the Unit Energy FDY allows him to use Zoroark GX’s Trickster GX attack, which he used multiple times throughout Sunday’s tournament.

The stand out deck is Cards and Hobbies’ winner Keith Yong, who paired Lycanroc GX with Malamar. The deck defeats Fighting and Psyhic weak decks, while the addition of Hoopa (Steam Siege) to help to set up the numbers for Knock Outs against other decks.

Team Rainbow Wing will be at the Pokémon TCG World Championship! We will be joining the Malaysian contingent to represent not only our country, but to support all the players from Southeast Asia. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to check out all the live updates direct from Nashville, TN, USA. And if you’re there, say hi!

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